Cutileiro – in full: José Cutileiro – has been kicking around the musical scene of Groningen since the beginning of the eighties. He played in a myriad of bands, of which the Ziffels and Cochon Bleu became best known.

You would most likely find him with a guitar or electric bass hanging from his shoulders. He sang every once in a while but might as well sit in behind the drum kit with jazz-punk outfit Ekstra Smeikals and raise rhythmic hell. The next evening he would just as easily be singing bittersweet love songs with Sputnik 5.
For a quarter of a century he has been partying as bass player with Brothel Brothers & The Maradonas. The past decade Cutileiro also was one of the tunesmiths at The Songclub.

Cutileiro always writes songs. It’s second nature to him. Sometimes he produces five in one week, sometimes that same amount in one year. But the well never dries up. This talent climaxes in the CD ‘Pupil of Pop’ which Cutileiro released in the late summer of 2012.
The album contains eleven self-penned songs, and one cover version. Subtle music layered under an apparently straightforward coat of varnish. The record was produced by Robert van der Tol, responsible for a rich and varied musical vocabulary.

José Cutileiro was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1959 and came with his parents to the Netherlands when he was five years old. When he was eighteen he moved to Groningen where he has lived ever since.
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