When everybody around you is partying and having fun, while you can't get out of a depression. Know the feeling?

Little Cairo
It’s not about Egypt. This song is about the tiny town of Cairo, Illinois, where the Ohio river clashes with the Mississippi. And where this crazy schizoid guy lives on almost no sleep, leading a double life with a daytime wife and another lady for the nights.

A Headstone For June
Arthur Alexander (1940-1993) was one the finest singers and songwriters. His father was an Arthur too, so people called him Junior. Friends called him June. This song pays tribute to a man whose songs were covered by both The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, but who sadly died as poor as a church mouse.

Hay Cat
Written a long time ago for a band named Detour. They never recorded it, so I did.

Start The Party
About domestic violence with mutual consent. Sipke Boorsma added some fine Pierson/Wilson-like vocal arrangements and a French lyric that kind of tops it off.

Old Days
Let’s see if the future turns out as good as the past. The present is troublesome.

Save The Bucket
Bucket of rain, bucket of tears, bucket of joy, bucket of money, bucket of flowers, bucket of whatever… Don’t bother me with your buckets!

The Song Club
I joined The Songclub in Café Marleen (Groningen) right at the start in 2002. Members are compelled to write five new songs per year. I decided to start out with something of a club song. It’s rather outdated – smoking for instance is no longer allowed and nowadays the audience are quiet and they actually listen – but I still like the tune and decided not to change the lyric.

Let’s Make Love
I was in one room singing with CT, Liesbeth and Inge. This song came naturally.

Ballad Of Tom Ripley
As a young man I roamed the highways of the Benelux as driver and soundman for a band named Blue Hearts. They played everything with a twist, foremost their beloved bluegrass music. Where the connection came in with Mr. Ripley, the amoral hero from the novels by Patricia Highsmith, I honestly don’t remember.

Spider And I
Brian Eno is a devotee of a cappella doo-wop. My aim is to honour the man by stripping down one of his own songs. I hope he likes it. I hope you do, too.

So Long, Peter Falk
Columbo, I love you!
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